EconestĀ  Asha sadan an ideal home away from home atĀ  the hill top of Vagamon hills with its captivating fusion of nature and habitat makes an alternative choice to those who seek peace and quietude.The elements of nature in its pristine form;the fauna, flora misty mountains, forest, water bodies, medicinal plants, birds and butterflies and the glowing fire flies makes it the ultimate destination for the eco-tourists.The constructions at Econest owes to the late master architect,Laurie Baker and his initial stay was in Vagamon before moving to Trivandrum. The cottages are built in a unique Laurie Bakerian style using traditional materials with large glass windows, which opens the doors of perception to experience the vast expansion of nature surrounded by streams, water bodies and lush mountains. This makes one feel placed in nature's lap.Whereever the sight goes one could see natural forests, spices, creepers, tea, coffee plantation, lakes and water falls with rare sounds of chirping birds,wild fouls and rabbits abound, all designed as a peaceful sanctuary to experience the wonders of nature. Ensconced in green surroundings, Econest an ideal niche for the eco-tourists and nature lowers to escape the juggernaut of the world of machines, factories and commerce into a calm world of ecological living of being with the inner self and with nature in its purest form.